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The experiments with printmaking techniques have been influenced the way of sharing
Jungmin's memories, dreams, and stories with her family. She used Etching, Aquatint,
Chine collé, Photo plate, Soft ground, Silkscreen, Woodblock, and Xerox copy collage.

Falling Leaf From A Tree (Etching, Aquatint, Chine collé on BFK, 9x12 inch)

Jungmin was inspired by listening to the story from her younger sister.

She met a falling leaf from a tree when she sat on the swing during her break time at school.

The imagery of a leaf, surrounding flowers and trees are illustrated,
with Jungmin's photograph 
of sky and mountain from South Korea.

When My Dad Was Young (Photo Plate, Chine collé on Pescia, 9x12 inch)

Jungmin used a found photograph from time when her dad and his siblings were young.

She connected to her memory of visiting her dad's old home and parts of images she remembers, such as cats from a street, bear stuffed doll, soccer ball, pattern blankets and bed.

Home (Soft Ground, Chine collé on Pescia, 8.5x11 inch)

Found textures of cardboard pieces, sandpapers, bubble plastic wraps, a branch
and a leaf 
helped to illustrate the silhouette of home in Jungmin's mind.  

Growing Homes For Human, And Losing Homes For Coyotes (2 - 4 layers of Silkscreen, ink on Bristol, 11x15 inch) 

Jungmin saw a scene where the land of green trees are falling and building new houses

for human, and soon she saw a walking coyote on a street with car passing.

These images depict the voice of a tree recognizing their original home with coyotes,

ink drawing of Jungmin's thought, transparent coyotes and surrounding nature.

Dream Stage (Woodblock, 4 layers of Silkscreen, Xerox Copy Collage on Pescia, 22x30 inch) 

The act from dream scenes are illustrated as woodblock stage structure, silkscreen performers,

audiences, outer imagination, and Xerox copy collage of fantastical spirits of music.

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