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Imaginary Brand: ET Burger

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Egg Tangsuyuk Burger

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Welcome to Jungmin's UFO!

This is ET the alien speaking!
We are just about to depart
from the Earth to ET Burger Planet.


Are you ready?

Before we fly out of space,
I would like to introduce

little bit about ET Burger!


Egg Tangsuyuk is a Korean crispy deep-fried meat covered
with the egg starch, in a sweet and tangy sauce!

ET Burger is inspired by the possibility of a fusion, fast food restaurant of a Korean dish Tangsuyuk with a handmade burger, for children and family audiences.


ET Burger would like to share artistic and creative space,

where people can have a playful experiences with food.

When ET Burger meets the theme of galaxy 

and fantastical imagination...

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ET Burger becomes the open space
to begin your space journey!

6 Sets of ET Burger Posters (Color pencil, pen, ink, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, Photoshop)

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Mural for ET Burger (Acrylic, gouache, pen on Illustration Board, Photoshop)

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Patterns for ET Burger (Pen, watercolor, color pencil, Photoshop)

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ET Burger Applications Into Life

Packages and Tray Mock Ups for ET Burger (Air-dry clay, color laser prints on cardstock)