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Berlin : Der Sandmann

Paper Opera Stage Set Design (Berlin Study Away)


In Summer 2022, I have participated in a Berlin program named Feeling Gemütlich,
which means the emotion of relaxation and pleasure. 



By walking on a street of Berlin, I am inspired by cultural invitations,

such as operas and the value to continue its creative handcrafts. I believe
that keeping the old memories and sharing them today are significant, which I found
a nostalgic Gemütlich in my mind, connecting to this storytelling of childhood. 



To keep time of special moments, my project Der Sandmann shares a special opera
for dreamers. A German tale, Der Sandmann by E. T. A. Hoffmann (1816), gives a great
story to go deeper with its honesty and the collaborated fantasy and real life. 


It is based on the premise of the Sandman, who “comes to visit children when they won’t go to sleep and flings a handful of sand in their eyes so they scratch themselves bloody. Then, he flings their eyes into his bag and carries them off to the half-moon to feed his children.”

Acrylic gouache, gesso, color pencil, marker, crayon, pen, aluminium foil, graphite, wire, clay, paper, cardboard

2021 - Theater Set Design : Mikkulaji (Muddy Loach in Korean)

Anchor 2

Mikkulaji means a Muddy Loach in Korean. 

In 2020 of summer, my family and I met Mikkulaji named Sunny,
in the gap of reservoir at countryside. We took Sunny to our home,
and gave them a glass looking plastic house with stones and water.


One day, Sunny was found on the floor. Sunny jumped out of their house. 

It was the day when snow covered the earth. My siblings and I hold Sunny

between napkins, and buried them under the snow ground. 

5” x 7”, color pencil, wood piece, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, cotton on chipboard

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