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Berlin SpreePark : Spirit Park

During Berlin Study Away, Feeling Gemütlich program, Jungmin took Cultural Immersion class. Each student was given a unique, hidden site of Berlin, which is different from well known, famous tourist sites. And she got SpreePark as her focal site. 


SpreePark is a theme park opened in 1969, East Berlin, and it has
closed since 2001. It was beloved by many Berliners, and now it’s
an abandoned location covered by the fences and greeneries. 


Jungmin started to imagine the behind the fence based on the existence of youth
from past to present. Her idea went deeper with the spirits living between 1969 to 2022,
and she created the painting book named Spirit Park, along with the video experiment.


The ruins of animal features and rides inspire her project to be rough
and smeared. Lapi is a main spirit living in a Spreepark, who shares a diary
depicting the remaining places through the eyes of present time.

8” x 12”, Acrylic gouache, gesso, watercolor, oil pastel, tape, glitter, color pencil, marker on 1976 Olympische Winterspiele Innsbruck

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