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Books + Zines

Jungmin explores writings, typography, forms, and illustrations within book formats,

to share story, document making process, and experiment reading experience.

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2023 - Roots of Water, Becoming into Water (Pen, yarns on linen, 2 x 1.5 inch)

The imagery of human transforming into water was inspired by a song 
Dream To Be Water by Lucid Fall. Linen was used to capture a fragile

and transparent texture of water, with blue inks absorbing into the surface. 

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2022 - You Have Arrived At Your Destination

Final cover.jpg

(Click above image to read full story)

The story and design elements are inspired by visiting to parents of
grandparent's cemetery in Incheon, South Korea. Jungmin depicts the half-circle shaped

grave and her interaction with pouring Soju (Korean alcohol) with her family.

2022 - The Year of 2000, 2001, and 2022

Final Cover.jpg

(Click above image to read full story)

The rectangular formats illustrate time frame of Jungmin and her mother.

Jungmin goes back to time when her age was same as her mother's age 

in Seoul, South Korea. Jungmin follows the steps from her mother's work
and moment of birth by moving to different years of time.

2022 - Biography Book about My Grandfather

(Click here to read full story)

It is a biography book about my grandparents from 70s to present in South Korea.

Jungmin used found photo album as a surface, and used marker, acrylic gouache,
collage, color pencil, pen, then she scanned drawings to create copies of zines. 

2022 - Paint Chip Book Jacket Design : Spicy Paprika

Jungmin used three key colors from paint chips and one name of the chip to create

imaginary book jacket with handwritten typography and illustration. Jungmin imagines

this book to be a graphic novel targeting teenagers and adults, and the adventure of 

23” x 9”, Acrylic, marker, pen, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate

2022 - Berlin Spreepark : Spirit Park Book


(Click above image to see full spreads)

During Jungmin's 3-month Study Away in Berlin, she created a painting book

on a found Olymphic book about spirits living in SpreePark, Berlin. 

Spreepark is an abandoned theme park, where is currently only opend by official
guide tour, with unmoving rides, restrooms, and attractions covered by greeneries.

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