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Type + Authorship :
Group Book Making


Trans-Disciplinary Studio (TDS) course : Fall 23

Final Book image

From the class led by Professor Lisa Wagner,
4 graphic designers and 2 illustrators collaborated to write, make layout, images, and translate stories into a book format.

Inside pages

We found our connecting interests
on the theme of Armor, Forms of Protection,

which was expressed as weekly writings, revising drafts,

typography, illustrations, 3d forms, and photographies.

Replace this to real paper image

Photoshop, InDesign, Procreate

On January ...,

we did a Reading + Release at rooftop
of 970 building, ArtCenter College of Design.

Images of actual reading party

We installed light projection, tents and shared foods/soups.

Each student read their stories under the yellow tent. 


Pencil, color pencil, ink, pen, watercolor, acrylic, marker on paper

This project was guided by Type + Authorship class (Fall 23) at ArtCenter College of Design taught by Professor Lisa Wagner.

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