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Pacific Rim 16: LA x Tokyo Re-Set

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Collaborative Group Project with Tama Art University in Japan LA Stage (September - December 2023)

To watch final presentation video, please click here.

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Project Brief:


Spatial Design based on Finding Beauty and Meaning in
Urban Chaos, reflecting on the need for sacred spaces and healing as our communities emerge from the pandemic era. 

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As a group of 20 students with faculties, we went to one week
field trip to research California ecologies, from Joshua Tree National
Park, Idywilld Mountain, and La Jolla Cove.

(9/4/2023 - 9/9/2023)

We experiences hiking, sound bath, casting metal, kayaking and more!

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Group work credit: Anna Bojolyan (top left), Rico Kato (top left), Ayaka Kaizu (bottom left), Jungmin Lee

As a small group, we presented our observations and findings
from nature and how it can heal human's body and mind.

After the field trip, we came back to campus.

2 people from ArtCenter and 2 students from
Tama Art University collaborated as a team!

Seinosuke Kuroda : Spatial Design, ArtCenter

Rico Kato : Art Study, Tama

Ayaka Kaizu : Integreted Study, Tama

Jungmin Lee : Illustration, ArtCenter